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Who we are

We are professional Chartered Members of the CIPD with over 30 years’ experience of keeping private, public and not for profit organisations in the North West of England and West Yorkshire out of employment tribunals - and in the news headlines for all the right reasons.

We are not only professionally trained HR experts but are  mental health first aiders with counselling, mediation, HR skills coaching, life skills coaching, mentoring experience and NLP training under our belts. We have assisted organisations as they have prepared for prestigious national engagement surveys leading to increased business recognition for them.

Our outcomes consistently demonstrate that when people are treated well they drive an organisation’s success.

We will guide organisations and individuals to find the right solutions for them by offering a suite of options. We can do that in workshops, in one to one sessions and in groups, face to face (social distancing allowing) and virtually or by telephone. In all our interactions we promise to be practical, pragmatic, solution focused, personable and reasonable. If we can’t help you with our HR expertise we will signpost you to someone who can where possible.


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